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Разработка урока по теме: " Еда лечит или калечит?"

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г. Тверь
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Тема данного урока очень актуальна. Учащиеся узнают много новой и полезной для них информации по теме "Еда".

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Пирматова О. Е.

МБОУ СОШ № 17 г.Тверь

Учитель английского языка


Sub theme: The role of vitamins and minerals.

Objectives of the lesson:

1. Educational aim is being focused on developing and reinforcing students' listening skills. Speaking is also being developed throughout the discussion activities.

2. Upbringing aim has its focus on forming a firm idea of a healthy diet, and ability to persuade others to eat healthy food.

3. Development aim is focused on their ability to understand and express their own feelings and emotions, as well as feelings and emotions of other people in the group, which helps them to communicate with ease in their every day life in and out of school environment.

Audience: a group of 15-16year old students.

Approximate time: 45 minutes.


Introduction of the theme and main activities.

Answer the questions:

Food is at the center of many of our important activities. Can you answer the question what role food plays in your life?

What kind of food is eaten a lot in your family?

What do you think if there is any connection between your diet and health?

What do you do to stay healthy?

Now it is very popular to keep up a diet. Have you ever done it?

What diets do you know? What are their minuses?

Do you know 6 main nutrients? The first letter of each word in the following sentence can help you remember all six nutrients.


Useful information: F stands for fat, C stands for carbohydrate, P stands for protein, W stands for water, M stands for minerals, V stands for vitamins.


Pre Listening.

Do people from different countries like to eat the same food? Why?

What do you think if the words “junk” food and “fast” food are synonyms or not?

Do you like junk food?

Have your parents ever told you that fast food and junk food is very harmful for your health?

Do you understand why it is harmful?

Useful tips: If you want, your students to speak more ask more “WHY” questions.


Listen to the extracts of the articles and match them with the headlines.

Are you afraid of heart disease?

Food for different cultures.

A “Happy” diet.

Tell me where you live, and I will tell you what you eat.

The role of enzymes.

a) Often the differences among cultures in the food they eat are related to the differences in geography and local resources. People who live near water tend to eat more fish. People who live in colder climates tend to eat heavier, fatty food. However, with the development of a global economy, food boundaries and differences are beginning to disappear.

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