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Олимпиада по английскому языку

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ГБОУ школа №621
учитель английского языка
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Олимпиадные задания включают проверку знаний по следующим направлениям: чтение, лексика, грамматика, словообразование, страноведение

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STUDENT’S TEST Total : 60 points


Read the text. Six sentences have been removed. Choose from the sentences A-F the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is an example at the beginning.


Chocolate, one of the most popular foods in the world, has a history as rich as its flavour. ( 1 ) __. As long ago as the twelfth century, Indian families drank chocolate at marriages and other important ceremonies. However, chocolate was not known in Europe until 1528, when the Spanish explorer Herman Cortes brought it to Spain.

Drinking chocolate soon became popular in Spain and quickly spread to the rest of Europe. ( 2 ) after that, people who liked chocolate could eat it as well as drink it. As the years passed, people in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and England began to make many kinds of chocolate candy. Today the making of chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry.

There are many reasons why chocolate has become so popular. People like its rich, delicious flavour. ( 3 ) also, candy makers can make chocolate into shapes that are pleasing to look at, from flowers and hearts to animals, and even to huge statues that weigh as much as 220 pounds (100 kilos).

In addition, eating chocolate has helpful physical effects. The sugar and fat in chocolate give people quick energy. ( 4 ) for this same reason, people like to have candy bar when they are feeling tired.

Eating chocolate has mental effects, too. Many people say that they want or need to eat chocolate in times of stress or emotional upset. ( 5 )

The taste of chocolate reminds them of the food and comfort they received as babies from their mothers. However, physical scientists have developed another explanation. ( 6 )

In conclusion, because of its rich flavour and the physical and mental effects it has on people, chocolate is one of the world’s favourite foods.

This is why mountain climbers often carry chocolate with them in case of emergency.

Three hundred years later, a scientist in Holland who loved chocolate learned how to make chocolate into candy.

Some psychologists explain that people associate chocolate with the happy times of their childhood.

Chocolate comes from the beans of the cacao tree, a plant that has grown in the American for at least four thousands years.

Some people think that chocolate is even more wonderful when candy makers combine it with other ingredients, such as fruit, nuts, and coconut.

They say that one ingredient of chocolate seems to lower stress.

20 points


Choose the correct answer.

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