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English Olympiad

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Задания олимпиады для 9-10 классов

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A. LISTENING. Time 20 min.

Listen to the text and do the task.

Write True or False.

ASophie's mother works in the town where she lives.
В Sophie enjoys shopping in Birmingham.
С William feels confident about finding his way around Birmingham.
D Sophie thinks the band 521 has improved.
E William persuades Sophie to buy a different CD for him.

F William is a little bit disappointed with Sophie.

Total: 12 points

B. READING. Time 20 min.

Read the text and questions 15 below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.

My home is a windmill by Josh Summers, aged 14

My home’s different from where my friends live because I live in a19th century windmill! My parents saw it one day, and bought it. It was in poor condition, but it was repaired and now it’s fantastic!

The windmill was once used to make flour from corn. The corn store used to be downstairs, where our kitchen is now, and horses came there to deliver the corn. The enormous 20metre sails are still on the front, but they don’t turn in the wind like they used to because it’s too dangerous, so birds live in them instead. There’s always a ladder up the side of the windmill so that dad can paint it and keep it a nice cream colour. He also cleans the windows, although a company comes to do the top ones as the ladder’s too short.

Inside it’s like a tent with six sides, and it becomes more pointed towards the top, so the rooms get smaller. My room’s under the roof and I get a fantastic view – it’s like looking out of an airplane window. There are some other houses around now, and a new main road, but I can relax and make a noise when I play my guitar up there and no one can hear me! I can hear everything, though, like the birds when it’s quiet, which is really calming, or the very loud storms, which I can see coming towards us. And I actually find it easier to concentrate on my school work up there, as my brothers and sisters don’t want to climb up all the stairs, so they don’t disturb me! I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

What is Josh trying to do in the text?

A compare his home with his friends’ homes

B explain why his family chose to live in their current home

C tell readers about advantages of living where he does

D suggest how his home could be improved

What does Josh say about the outside of the windmill?

A Wild creatures have made their homes there.

B It’s covered in dark paint.

C There’s a ladder that goes right to the top.

D The windows frequently need cleaning.

Josh says that his room

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