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Тесты по теме "антонимы и синонимы"

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Тесты для 7 классов по теме "антонимы и синонимы"

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1.Choose the synonym of the underline word.

Hilda was very attractive in her new red dress.

a) Charming b)ugly c) famous e) outstanding d)dirty

2.We are fond of playing computer games.

a) like b) are like c) loved d) defend e)protect

3. Please, don’t throw any litter in the classes.

a) books b) clothes c) rubbish d) letters e) dust.

4. Frank was telephoned twice yesterday.

a) two times b) once c) many times d) double e) three times.

5. Jessie gained 500 pounds at the competition ,because she answered all the questions correctly.

a) repeated b) respond c) replied to d) renamed e) returned

6. She said she was very glad.

a) sad b) sorry c) good d) pleased e) wise

6. I’m often worried about my son.

a) glad b) nervous c) pleased d) anxious e) interested .

7. He’s given up smoking.

a) continued b) begun c) shaken d) stopped e) frightened.

8. The destroyed buildings were huge.

a) tall b) giant c) small d)large e)low

9. He fell down and hurt his leg.

a) injured b) cut c) wrapped d) broke e) showed.

10. You should look for the documents and them at once.

a) slowly

b) quietly

c) thoughtfully

d) amazingly


11. We travelled by air last year.

a) by bus b) by ship c) by plane d) by car

12. Ivan has been visiting foreign countries in Europe and America without any interpreters.

a) guests b) secretaries c) ministers d) translators e) guards.

13. All of the people have defended their motherland bravely from merciless enemies

a) protected/ courageously

b) struggled /partly

c) defeated/ rapidly

d) plundered/ fairy

e)declared/ cruelly

14.Jack was so talkative that everyone liked the interesting parties he took part in.

a) dull b) handsome c)sad d) gloomy e) communicative

15.At last it was declared that Oliver was not guilty and he was allowed to go.
a) innocent b) free c) aristocrat d)poor e)courageous.

Choose the antonym of the underlined word.

Nelly is from Mexico, she is a pleasantgirl.

a)a beautiful b) an ugly c) a good-looking d)a nice e) a handsome

2.Alfred was penniless when he lived in California.

a) unhappy b) happy c) rich d) poor e)hopeless

3.Laura Clyde left for London.

a) returned b) come up c) goes d) arrived to e) went to

4.These hotels are very expensive.

a) different b) dear c) high d) cheap e) various.

5. Unfortunately we missed the last train.

a) waited b) found c) left d) caught e) spent

6.How many pupils were present at the lesson yesterday?

a)absent from b) read for c)happy d) on duty e) diligent.

7. Progressive poets and writers always criticize injustice in their work .

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