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Do not be afraid of changes

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Автор статьи рассказывает о том,что не нужно бояться изменений в жизни. В жизни всё должно меняться. Поэтому жизнь и интересна.

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Lev Scherbin.

Do not be afraid of changes

The first 6 years of my life passed in a small town with population of 15 thousand people. Almost all people there were familiar with one another; those were simple and kind people. Little children were walking alone in the street. One day I walked far from my home but elder children of our neighborhood helped my mom to find me and bring me home. They found me quickly; nobody worried much because there was nothing to be afraid. There was usual thing to be friends with families, make visits, celebrate holidays together, and help each other with children, elder people and so on. If somebody was moving, nobody hired loaders and trucks. Friends and neighbors were always glad to help you. We all lived like one tight family. Summertime we usually spent in a cottage near the town. My grandma had a small homestead on the bank of pond. My grandpa repaired and installed there old seesaw. He used to swing on it in his childhood. Seesaw were serving all the neighborhood children. One of the neighbors was my grandpa’s brother. His granddaughter (my cousin) was going with me to the same kindergarten. We spent a lot of time together and with other children. There was not difference between relatives, friends or neighbors, we all were one big family.

One day my father got a good job and we had to move to a big city, Kemerovo. At first time, Kemerovo seemed to me huge, uncomfortable and unfriendly. City was full of gloomy strangers who never smiled and talked to each other. There were many cars, traffic lights, long and wide streets and polluted air. There were no friends, no relatives; I was not ready for this. At once, my small, comfortable world collapsed. Then I met my first real friend Vadim. His naughty, dirty face was sticking out of bush, he was watching at me appraisingly. We met and became friends. Shortly other boys from our neighborhood joined us and everything began to improve. I felt that there were many interesting things in my new life. We went to the same kindergarten and then to the same school where we spent next seven happy years of our childhood. We were playing football in school stadium, Ping-Pong, hide, and seek in the courtyard, riding bikes in city parks and boulevards. However, one day my parents deсdied to transfer me to a new school with specific profile - deepened learning of foreign languages. It was about to leave comfort zone again. New unfamiliar students where I was a newbie and a stranger. It was in the midst of adolescence. Nevertheless, it was not as horribly as in age of six when we were moving to Kemerovo. There was provocative interest, what would be? At first, it was hard. Well-established and solid collective of specialized school did not want to accept new boy from an ordinary school. However, half of year later I felt like I always was there. Teachers were not only experienced professionals but treated us as their own children. Therefore, we tried not to let them down as far as we could. Everything was interesting; I tried to participate in all school events. I got new friends and things became better.

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