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where is my bag?

Наименование ОУ
школа 8
преподователь английского языка
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_Эта разработка на тему где моя сумка?

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Where is my bag? (Меніңсөмкемқайда)

Aims: a) to give the pupils more information about prepositions and to teach them to work creatively; b) to develop speaking habits; c) to develop pupils’ love for their native land;
Type: a revision and consolidation lesson.
Kind of the lesson: an excursion lesson with the game elements.
Method: group work, directing method.
Visual aids: textbook, an interactive board, toys, pictures, cards.
Procedure of the lesson:

I. Greeting. Routine conversation.
T: Hello, pupils!
P: Hello teacher!
T: How are you?
P: We are fine, thank you. And you?
T: I’m OK too, thank you. Who is on duty today?
P1: I’m on duty today.
T: What date is it today?
P1: The 13th of December, Friday.
T: Thank you. Take your seat. Let’s begin our lesson. Today our theme is “ Where is my bag?” We are going to speak about prepositions. We will act out dialogues, do the exercises, ask and answer the questions and have an excursion to our city in order to enlarge our vocabulary and develop speaking habits.

II. T: At first let’s improve our pronunciation reading the rhyme. ( the teacher reads the rhyme, pupils repeat after the teacher) Repeat after me: Snow on the grass, Snow on the window, Snow on the tree, But not on me!

III. T: Children! Last lesson you studied the usage of the modal verb “can” and learned many words and expressions such as use a calculator, a ride a horse, make tea, play the piano, ride a bike, use a computer, speak English, play a dombyra and etc. And your home task was to make up short dialogues. Who is ready?
Sample dialogue: A: Can you knit?
B: Yes I can, Can you ride a bike?
A: No I can’t. And can you make a tea?
B: Of course, I can.

IV. T: As you already know, today we are going to talk about prepositions of place. Look at the board. There are some prepositions which we must know.
On -
үстінде, under - астында,
in front of -
алдында, behind - артында,
in -
ішінде, between - ортасында,
next to -
келесі, opposite - қарама - қарсы
near -
жанында, among - арасында,
to the right -
оңжағында, to the left - солжағында,

A) Slides. There are given some pictures and the teacher asks such questions as: - Where is the ball? ( It is under the chair) - Where is the book? ( It is on the table )
V. A) Exercises. (Orally an written ) B) The teacher shows the pupils some toys and asks about their positions:
- Where is the dog?
- It is behind the rabbit.
- Where is the cat?
- Where is the little bear?
– It is in front of the dog
- It is among the rabbits

VI. A) T: With the help of the interactive board we will have an excursion around our one of the main street Abilkhayr khan avenue. Imagine that you are visitors, and I’m a guide. This is our President’s Park and near the park there is a Green Boulevard. And behind of the Boulevard there is the Mega Center of our city. The next part of the avenue There is the main building of our district – The House of Administration. Opposite to there is Abai Boulevard. To the right of the Boulevard there is the sport complex Extreme. Next to Extreme there is our school. In front of our school there is a supermarket Dina near the supermarket there are such shops as “ Al - Inna”, “Rahila” and cafes as “Smak”. B) Now tell me please where you houses are situated.
P1: My house near the supermarket. P2: My house to the right of our school.

VII. T: I see you are tired a little. Let’s have a rest. We may play the game for the rest.
The games: A).
Find the object: Teacher will ask a student to come to the front of the class. He/she will be the leader of the game. The leader must put the toy somewhere in the class room.( for example: T he cat under the table) Then the teacher divides class inti two groups. The groups ask the leader questions in turn until they find the toy. The winner group is the one which finds out where the cat. Group A S1: Is the cat on the table. Leader: No, it isn’t. Group B S1: Is the cat near the table? Leader: No it isn’t. Group A S2: Is the cat under the table? Leader: Yes it, is. Group A wins. And then can choose another leader and we can play the game again.

B) The next game Chain game:
In this game every next word should start with the last letter of the previous one. For example: near - red - dear - right - ten - nose — eight - tea - apple - egg - green - nine etc. The pupil who breaks the chain will work with the cards. ( sample tasks on the cards ) Card 1. The boy is ….. the girls. A) under, b) in, c) among. Card 2. The book is … the table. a) on, b) between, c) in. Card 3 The pen is… the bag. A) in, b) on, c) opposite

VIII. T: We are finishing our lesson. But we will continue to work with prepositions on the next lesson. Your home task will be a) to make dialogue. ( Using prepositions) b) to do exercises from the book.
Do you have any questions concerning the home task?
IX. Conclusion: Dear children! I’m very satisfied with your answer and your taking part to the lesson and all of you worked very well. Your marks will be excellent and good marks. Thank you for your attention. The lesson is over. Good bye! See you soon!

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